Learn how Connect Desk works


The company signs Connect Desk

The client has a question and it all starts with a question, email, call, chat, search in the database, in other words, the clients tries to communicate with your company in the same way that are used to.


A new app is available on Google Play and Apple Store with your company’s name and logo

Connect takes this information and adds it to its base when generating a ticket, all of it stored in just one place, easy to find and set, and very simple to be used.


The company releases its new application to its clients

For the attendants it sends a notification that can be seen from anywhere. The service reaches them in meetings with no problem, and between coffee breaks your attendants can check and respond by cell phone, even if they are not actually in the company. Connect highlights the conversations with higher priority, allowing the service to work on several tickets, as well as enabling quick access to the database among other tools needed to have the problem solved. And when the solution depends on another company employee, Connect improves and facilitates team work and collaboration, as a real team should be.


Clients can open calls and track the service through the app

All of this information and valuable interactions are collected and stored by Connect, generating an analysis of your company, with performance assessment and problem resolution. It doesn’t matter if you have only one or thousands of employees, you can get a real sense of how the company is doing, so that you can compare with your competitors and track the record of your company’s activities. But just data and tools don’t say much if it’s not clear who are the people behind these requests and what is their level of satisfaction in terms of service. After all, this is what Connect is all about, connecting and improving your company's customer relationship.


The company serves clients through Connect Desk's web-based service tool.

You can do much more with Connect Desk

In addition to this service process, the company can still provide contents, send documents, schedule appointments, perform surveys, everything through the company's app

Potential clients can also use the app for more details about the services

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It's very simple when you sign up for Connect. Your clients can soon download the app from the Apple Store and Google Play (some of them might even already have the app to use it with other companies). Right next to the login field, the user will see the company’s logo and home page displayed and, thanks to its intuitive interface, they can already open calls and track the service by the app. That’s it! Your company serves clients through Connect Desk's web-based service tool.

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