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A customer service app with the look of your company

Provide your clients with a new experience to interact with your company, making communication more modern, faster and centralized in the app with your brand.


Communication and client service app

Our concern is to improve client engagement and fidelity in your company. By working with the Connect Desk, your clients will see your company as more reliable, besides making it more flexible and measurable. They give you support to improve (and very much) communication, providing in many cases short conversations in long-term relations.


Receive an app withyour brand

By contracting Connect Desk a new app will be available on Google Play with the name and logo of your company, helping to strengthen your brand in one of the most used platforms on the planet.

In IOS, when logging into the tool, there will already be the name and logo of your company on the screen, giving your client a unique experience.

Need something more specific? Come talk with us, we may have the module you need and, in case it is something very particular for your company - but yet necessary - we can create this differential for you, adding an even greater value to your brand with prices that can surprise you. Request quote with us!.


Client service through the mobile channel

The app provides all the tools necessary to ensure that your company gets closer and closer to your clients, creating a two-way and instant communication channel.


Proactive communication with your clients

Provide targeted offerings with more effectiveness, content-rich and lower cost that the e-mail and SMS channels.


You have everything you need with Connect Desk

Your company can deliver segmented contents, send documents, schedule appointments and conduct customer surveys, everything through the company app. Improve communication, take part and make your clients trusty followers.

  • Communication

    We help your company to communicate
    with your clients.

  • Engagement

    Having trusted clients is the best way
    to increase withholding and fidelity.

  • Profit

    The close communication to clients is
    reflected in the company profits.

An app to improve the efficiency of your company

With Connect Desk you can effortlessly keep track, list, and solve client tickets.

Connect Desk keeps clients’ information centralized and simple. In just one place you have all the tools to efficiently stablish communication in a much more personal level.


More than 20,000 tickets and 6 different departments used to answer the calls of more than 200 units spread in 16 states of Brazil.

With Connect Desk, I could increase customer approval and improve the results and team performance
Fernando MoreiraCIO

Start now

It's very simple when you sign up for Connect. Your clients can soon download the app from the Apple Store and Google Play (some of them might even already have the app to use it with other companies). Right next to the login field, the user will see the company’s logo and home page displayed and, thanks to its intuitive interface, they can already open calls and track the service by the app. That’s it! Your company serves clients through Connect Desk's web-based service tool.

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