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Provide your clients with a new experience to interact with your company.

Ticket management

With the tickets management, your attendant can initiate the service giving attention to important information such as the priority of the ticket and estimated time they have to solve it, besides highlighting tickets that are misplaced for service provision, tickets behind schedule, which are in progress and which are awaiting for clients’ information or from another area. This allows you to go to the next ticket while waiting for the information from the current one to arrive, optimizing the service. And don’t worry, when the information arrives the attendant will be warned in order to return to the ticket with higher priority.

Customization of
Opening Forms

Tired of asking the same things, caught in the current tool? Over time, some questions are known in the company, but they take time and generate customer dissatisfaction. With Connect Desk you can create custom forms for each type of call, so the information your attendant needs will be answered in advance, this optimizes service, enabling faster, faster service and increases the productivity of your team.

Control of Service Time

It is very important in the day to day to predefine the service time required for some tasks to be done. Every company has tasks that take on average the same amount of time to be concluded, however, without time management the attendant doesn’t have a referential, leading of productivity loss. Another common problem is the SLA contract. How much time do you need to answer a call and how long does it take to resolve it? With Connect Desk, you can have precise time controls and with that your team will have the optimum time limit to assist your clients, being able to easily keep track of when they should answer to each call and the remaining time to solve them, or if any other adjustment is needed. Don’t lose contracts or pay fines for lack of control, come get to know the Connect Desk.

Customization of
service process

Customize your service process, set the steps and the workflow to be followed. With Connect Desk you can get all the service flow as it should be, with the look of your company. Define the status and action in each process and use the powerful tools so your flow respects your internal rules.

Internal Message Support

Exchange messages with your clients, not only through the tickets, but also developing an informative and interesting long-term relationship. Thus, you can generate something like a news box, where your clients can get firsthand news about the company.

Content Management

We all know how difficult it is to keep a blog updated, but with Connect Desk content tool this can be done very intuitively, making it easy to create content. An important point to be mentioned is that this process is highly centralized. Your client will know exactly where to look for news, tips and promotions. In just a few clicks, they will already be interested in products or promotions, getting in touch with the fantastic communication tools that Connect Desk has. This can lead to very low cost and highly advertised projects, with solid financial return for your clients, after all, they will know the best channel. Come to Connect Desk and find out how good content providing can help your sales. And don’t worry. We will give you all the support you need to start using this amazing tool!

Digital Planner

Schedule appointments, meetings, brainstorming sessions and other important arrangements for your team. Mark your entire team or just a few specific members and don’t worry, when the time is right they will be reminded of the appointment in their central tool, this way you decrease the risk of delays due to misinformation or for not having other tools available. Your team will be informed in the right moment! Tip, get even more productivity by adding the topics to be discussed, so that everyone keeps focused and attend to the meeting better prepared, making it much more profitable.


Have you ever thought about talking in real time with your client without losing focus of the service? With Connect Desk you can! The internal Chat allows you to be notified of messages while you are working on your service tool, so you can assist the client while other tickets are simultaneously worked out, avoiding response delay of both the chat and the tickets, thus providing a more fluid service and allowing for more agile decisions.

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It's very simple when you sign up for Connect. Your clients can soon download the app from the Apple Store and Google Play (some of them might even already have the app to use it with other companies). Right next to the login field, the user will see the company’s logo and home page displayed and, thanks to its intuitive interface, they can already open calls and track the service by the app. That’s it! Your company serves clients through Connect Desk's web-based service tool.

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